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Ickworth Greyhound 4-5 British Sugar B

Another good win for British Sugar B who are the only unbeaten team in the links invitation darts league.


Gary Rudling 108 out.


D.Snell/R.Hall-Roberts 2-1 P.Kizis/J.Zdrenka


P.Fisk 1-2 P.Kizis

B.Gooch 1-2 P.Batley


s.Brown/D.Brown 0-2 M.Comber/G.Hawkes


D.Snell 0-2 M.Comber

R.Hall-Roberts 0-2 G.Rudling


N.Davey/B.Gooch 2-1 P.Batley/G.Rudling


N.Davey 2-0 G.Hawkes

S.Brown 2-0 A.Kizis